VOIP Phone System Considerations :: Biz Tech Tips #26

VOIP phone considerations:
1. What are phone needs? Need app to forward to phone for road/remote people? Automated msging system? Various extensions?
2. Integrations? Some CRMs and other cloud products for customer service, sales, marketing and the like integrate with VOIP providers
3. Calculate ISP needs: Make sure Internet connection speed is solid first. Then know how many people are on phone at any given time. If unsure, and you’re not a call center, assume 1/10th of organization on phones at 100kbps per employee, with symmetrical upload/download speed, and add consider upgrading your ISP by that speed should things get choppy. If call center environment, figure out peak user times and multiply THAT by 100kbps.
4. Make sure infrastructure is on point.

A) Ensure router and/or switch can handle traffic and prioritize VOIP traffic with QoS (quality of service) option or VLAN capability so that connection isn’t hampered by other Internet use.
B) POE (power over ethernet) highly recommended.
C) Gigabit ready infrastructure ideal and decently cost-effective now, especially if software in the cloud
D) Separate uninterruptible power supply
5. Do a trial run with flexible employee power users first. Be sure to call in and listen yourself for any latency issues
6. Check for number portability
7. Make the decision and train your staff!


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