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I wanted to show you the exclusive NordPass Black Friday deals I managed to get my hands on! That’s right, one of the market’s leading password managers, at a reasonable, wait, SUPER CHEAP price!

All you’ve gotta do is click the NordPass coupon link and you can grab yourself 52% off the 2-year plan…with an extra month thrown in for free. (Yup, you heard right)! These Norpdass coupon code deals are already applied, it’s as easy as that.

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Why I recommend NordPass:

With a strong dedication to user security, NordPass stands out from its competitors. xChaCha20 encryption, and a modern and more secure algorithm. The company behind NordPass, Nord Security, has been independently audited just this year with its business management system. Furthermore, NordPass operates under a zero-knowledge architecture. Aka. Nobody, at NordPass can access, or view your passwords…except you!

Sprinkle on top: MFA, biometric authentication, and automatic backups, you, my friend, have got yourself a pretty hefty security package for all of your online accounts. NordPass coupon, 2022 editions never looked so sweet, am I right?!

Another area I always commend NordPass in is their ease of use. They are easy for any beginner to get the swing of. Fully equipped with how-to guides, and live chat support if you run into issues.

I’ve tested a lot of different password managers, and NordPass ticks a lot of boxes. Feature-heavy, something for novice and expert users alike, easy-to-understand UI, and all the security trimmings.

Easy-to-use app
Security and privacy first service
Live chat support
Cutting edge encryption
Password sharing
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