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IT solutions must always work securely and reliably. It is an impossible task to achieve this on your own. Avit Group helps you in a way that suits you. With us, support has three levels:

1. Helpdesk support: you can contact our experts with questions or error reports. If you wish, this can be done day and night.

2. Co-managed services: we jump in with practical support, for example if your own IT staff already have their hands full. Together we will work it out.

3. Fully managed services: leave the management and maintenance of your IT environment to us. You can then apply best practices from the market and focus on other matters. You can even purchase your entire infrastructure from us. For a fixed monthly fee, you have nothing to worry about. Not the disadvantages of owning hardware and software but the advantages of using them.

In addition, we offer SIAM (Service Integration and Management): If you work with many partners, we take over directing. We ensure that they do not work at cross purposes and that costs remain within limits. This creates control while you focus on your core business.

As a network integrator with proven knowledge of Cisco and Microsoft solutions, we ensure that your network exceeds your expectations.