Industrial Cybersecurity Managed Services

The cybersecurity landscape is shifting. Threat actors are aggressively moving from IT networks – that run your business data – to OT networks – that physically control your operations. OT attacks can have devastating impacts to your operation, the environment, and public safety. You must have visibility and control over your OT networks and critical systems in order to manage your industrial cyber risk.

Introducing Industrial Cybersecurity Managed Services from ABS Group.

Cybersecurity for critical infrastructure and OT systems takes requires expertise and experience. You need an OT cybersecurity expert with specialized knowledge of how industrial equipment operates in an OT environment.

We offer a unique combination of comprehensive, integrated OT network monitoring and managed solutions, deep domain expertise, and all-source industrial intelligence to give you confidence that your systems are covered.

We cover your network 24/7, looking for exploits, spotting rogue devices and identifying vulnerabilities. We’re constantly monitoring your operations, so that in the event an attacker accesses your system or makes an unauthorized change, you know about it.

We don’t offer just one solution, but a combination of capabilities to keep your system safe. Configuration monitoring, asset discovery, vulnerability, and policy management are all powerful tools individually, but when they’re used together, they create a complete picture to help you deter, prevent, detect, and respond to attacks. Combined with data we pull in from across the industry and our customers, we have the information, insights, and expertise to let you know what’s happening and what to do about it. We are your eyes and ears in the OT cyber world.

ABS Group’s Industrial Cybersecurity Managed Services – An integrated single solution, with real operational technology experts, providing real value.

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