Free Home Phone Service with Ooma

This is the perfect gift for anyone that still has a home phone. Switching from a traditional home phone service to an Ooma saves a lot of money! #handfordhacks
Great Business & Home Phone Services. Keep Your Existing Number. Communications Solutions Customizable For Any Sized Business. Keep Your Current Number. Ranked #1 Phone Service. Free Nationwide Calling. 30 Day Risk Free Return. Easy 15 Minute Setup.

The savings add up.

The smartest home phone is the one that gives you exactly what you want with the greatest savings. That’s Ooma.
Get crystal-clear nationwide calls and all the features you’re used to. Connect Ooma to your high-speed Internet and regular home phone service and activate online. It’s really that easy.

All the features you need, plus features you’ve never imagined.
Ooma comes with all the basic features you’d expect and even some you wouldn’t. Like initiating calls with Amazon Echo’s voice-enabled smart assistant, Alexa.

Features Included with Ooma Basic:

911 and 911 Alerts
Ooma forwards your address to 911 dispatchers during emergencies, and you’ll also receive a text or email alert when 911 is called.

Low-Cost International Calling
Make affordable international calls starting at just 1.4 cents per minute, or choose the Ooma World Plan for easy calling to over 60 countries.

Transfer Your Number
You can easily bring your phone number with you to Ooma for a one-time fee of $39.99. Check here to see if your number can be ported.

The Utmost Voice Clarity
Ooma PureVoice™ HD technology delivers crisp acoustic performance, whether you’re calling another Ooma user or HD network.

2-month free trial of Ooma Premier
Every Ooma system comes with a 2-month free trial of Ooma Premier, which includes features like free number porting, for just $9.99/month.

Easy Setup and Activation
With Ooma’s easy setup, most customers can start making free calls in less than 15 minutes. Watch Video.