ESA Webinar: What’s Really Up With CDMA and POTS? The Inside Scoop From Experts Who Know.

Are your customers’ communicators still on the Verizon CDMA network, or worse, on old, unreliable POTS lines? Do you know how FCC Order 19-72A1 will affect your business? This webinar is designed to prepare us to work through coming events by revealing how the CDMA sunset will feel different from former sunsets as well as how the FCC plays a big part in the ultimate discontinuation of POTS. There are significant industry-impacting events on the horizon. Those events include the CDMA network sunset Verizon has scheduled for the end of this year and something that has not had near as much information shared in recent years, the decline and eventual discontinuation of POTS lines.

Join Telguard’s Daniel Rosales and Marshall Lorden as they present straightforward, pertinent information from an insider’s perspective. Information you’re not likely to get anywhere else, and information that will help your business. No tech-speak geek-outs, no sales pitch.