Dominate COLD CALLING For Technical Sales Engineers

Dominate COLD CALLING For Technical Sales Engineers
Learn to master cold calling fundamentals with Kyle Milan, who has more than 20 years of experience making cold calls. It can seem incredibly frustrating when you deal with rejection and complicated scripts – so forget everything you know about cold calling and learn the best ways to strike gold.

When you execute cold calls right, you can see massive success, as Kyle’s experience has shown by making millions of dollars over the phone in his career. At the root of the cold call, its purpose is to close deals – it’s a method of selling. Other methods include messaging and emailing, but cold calling is the best way to get into human contact with someone without actually being there to get your point across. You get someone’s full attention with a cold call and can share ideas quicker than you could through email. Timing your cold calls and keeping diligent with prospects may land you a sale even when rejected the first time. Your client may not be ready to sign on today, but they may be next week or next month. The other purpose of the cold call is to eliminate the need to wait for someone to read and email – to bring the opportunity to them.

Being afraid or averse to cold calls is normal; you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who loves cold calls. But it doesn’t take away from the fact that cold calls can heat your pipeline and take your sales career to the next level. You must set your goals high – 500 cold calls a week. It seems crazy, but when you have a strong sales team, set up your pipeline correctly, and break it down, 500 is very doable. That’s 100 calls a day for about 3 hours. But, 9 out of 10, you’ll reach someone’s voicemail, and you can leave a quick message. Set the process up correctly.

Setting up your process right will lead you to success, only depending on a matter of following and tweaking it. Have a CRM system like HubSpot integrated into a calling feature or an app like Air Call to allow quick dial-up prospects consecutively. Integrate the CRM to send emails automatically to follow up as well. It also works wonders to connect and message your options on LinkedIn simultaneously. Voicemails should be short, at most 20 seconds, to save their time, and your value proposition and critical phrase about what you offer should equally be short and sweet, at most five words.

Organizing prospect lists and getting good, clean, accurate data the first time will make cold calling easier. Broken lists or outdated info will throw snags into your process and slow you down. Keep track of your KPIs and conversion rates to see where things are going well and how you can improve. Once your process is pat down, and your KPIs are delivering, you can scale up your process.

Get the hard work done to see success, and don’t let excuses build up and anchor you down. Instead, keep your pipeline full, and keep it moving. It’s very tempting for someone in sales to get complacent after tasting success – don’t let it be you and stay hungry!

Apply these strategies to your following cold calls and learn more by enrolling in Technical Sales University, an online program that has assisted over 200 sales representatives secure over 1,400+ new projects, generating over $260 million in revenue for their businesses in just the last two years.

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